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Love Quotes:

1.Quotes                                 What is love? I could understand when you come to my life.

Quotes           The first dream of my life was with you. I want to the last dream of my life is with you.


You are my thoughts,

You are my hope,

You believe me,

You are my world,

I Love You.

4.Quotes                                    The most beloved thing to me is the smile on your face.

5.Quotes A true love is when you love someone. But you don’t know why you feel love for him/her.

6.Quotes                                                  My favourite is when you hold my hand.

7.Quotes      There should be as much love as a love relationship. More than this should be respected.

8.Quotes             Love isn’t finding the perfect person; It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

9.Quotes                                            Get your love so much. I wish to live my life every day.

10.Quotes                              Do not keep me away, So that my own nature will be lost with you.

11.Quotes                                        I just want to fall in love with you again and again.

12.Quotes                                   Put your hand on my hand, I want all life to be like this.

13.Quotes                                                Our love is written on the history page.

14.Quotes                                            Love is a feeling, Which is divided into two minds.

15.Quotes                                          I want you for lifetime Because my life is with you.

16.Quotes Do you know why I like this morning? Because in the morning I get the first touch of your love.

17.Quote                                  When I look at that your eyes, I think 1 hour is like 1 second.

18.Quote           Everyone says love is the meaning of trouble, But a true love can never be a pain.


Maybe I have nothing to offer to you, But I can give you some nice moments in your life that you will never forget.

20.Quote                  I do not see the light of morning every day, I wake up seeing your face daily.

21.Quote                                                A true love teaches a person to live.

22. Quote

I am only for you.

23.Quote                             Seeing our love so that everyone is motivated to learn to love.

24.Quote                                     You cannot find anyone who loves you more than me.

25.Quote                     Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by the heart.

26.Quote                                                      When I close my eyes, I’m somewhere with you.

27.Quote                                                         A true love can never end.

28.  Quote              A person that truly loves you will never let you go, No matter how hard the situation is.

29.quote                                              Your love every day teaches me something new.

30.quote          You are giving me so much love in my daily life. As the sunlight radiates the earth daily.

31.quote Never ignore the person who loves you so much, Because once you understand who the person you lost is so valuable in your life.

32.quote                                   Every word of your mouth teaches me to see a new dream.

33.quote                                                      You understand me, So I love you.

34.quote You are giving me so much love in my daily life, As the sunlight radiates the earth daily.

35.Quote                     The time to sip teacup in the morning, I see your reflection on tea.

36.Quote                                 One of the beautiful moments of life is feeling love, someone.

37.quote                                               It’s too much best feelings when you hug me.

38.Quote                                        Only I love you can not describe my love for you.

39.Quote                                              I am happy with all.Because you are in my life.

40.Quote                     My most favourite sound is; Hearing the hearts shaking on your chest.

41.Quote                                                           I want you with a cup of tea.

42.Quote                                                  Without you, my life is as like starless sky.

43Quote                        Love is to offer some of the choices for someone, One of the things is time.

44.Quote                     I do not know who you are. But my mind says that you are my everything.

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